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We use industrial style iron and handcrafted wood to create unique furniture pieces to fit any home or office. Our furniture is made to order from new or reclaimed wood and cast iron.

Tilman Gecks.

Joiner. Furniture maker. Nature lover.
He learned the skills of a master craftsman in the rigorous German guild system, where quality and precision are paramount.
He has always been drawn to the special, to the items that tell a story, to the furniture pieces with character. And to a tastefully decorated home. He also appreciates a well-organized workshop and a neat office.
And in his free time? He ventures into the outdoors, sleeps under the stars, explores the stunning Appalachian scenery. Things like

Wood paired with iron.

It is this fusion that makes our table so special: the contrast between the cold, hard iron and the warm, natural wood. The balance between the industrial cast iron table leg and the handcrafted table top. The harmony between classic antique-style curves and profiles and timeless elegance and durability.

Our 1920 Railway Table is truly unique, you won’t find it anywhere else. With a wide range of woods and other materials, we can make your custom dream table a reality!

From the 1920s to the 2020s.

That's what makes our table so special: the story behind the iron legs. They were designed in the 1920s for the work tables of the German National Railway Company (Deutsche Reichsbahn). These tables were used in railroad stations and post offices where telegraph machines were mounted on them.

We were so fascinated by these tables, or rather by the legs, that we decided to bring them into the 21st century. The design language, the curves and profiles, are reminiscent of the style of the German Wilhelminian period, but at the same time they are so simple that they fit into any environment, classic or modern, with timeless elegance.

A true masterpiece!
And a wonderful blend of past and present.